Some folks have asked how they can help Clap Your Hands for the Back to School – Fill A Bag Event – August 10th (COMING UP FAST WE CAN USE YOUR ASSISTANCE)
A GREAT way to help is to shop on AMAZON –
This is a link to the Amazon wish list for Clap Your Hands Fill A Bag:
Just pick the items you want to purchase and check out – super easy if you already have an Amazon account, or not hard to set up.
PLEASE ship items you purchase to:
P O Box 51322
Summerville, SC 29485-1322

NOTE: When you purchase and go to checkout it will say:

Clap Your Hands – Sue Desautels SUMMERVILLE,SC
(Full address hidden for privacy.) – it is okay it will be the P O Box address
Any questions?

Clap Your Hands is excited to announce our first annual Back to School – Fill A Bag. It is a one-day event.
AUGUST 10, 2019
118 W. 3rd. S. STREET. SUMMERVILLE, S.C. 29483
10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Who qualifies to attend? Self-contained classroom teachers, resource teachers, school counselors, school therapists, and nurses within the schools of Berkeley, Charleston and DD2. School badges are required.
Every year we hear about Back to School events for the students, (which are awesome), but children in the self-contained classrooms have unique needs. We want to provide our teachers with samples of our therapeutic products, such as weighted blankets, lap & neck pads, vests, fidget pads, maze pads, noise reduction ear muffs, weighted belts, body sox’s, bibs/shirt savers, fidgets, fidget seats, rocking seats, sensory cloth’s, tactile bags, sequin pads, along with general classroom supplies.
We continually hear that teachers and therapists are pooling their money together to get some much-needed products for their students. The cost of weighted products is expensive. We want the teachers and the students to begin their year with the necessary tools needed for a successful year…just like any other classroom.
SO HOW CAN YOU HELP? It is a fact of life within the non-profit world – we need funding. Any amount is appreciated. All donations stay within our own communities of Berkeley, Charleston and DD2. We work very closely with our medical and educational professional partners.
Our goal is to be able to provide the right products for children in grades pre-school thru 12th grade. Let’s make the new school year a shining example of what community can do together.
No child should be left behind simply because they don’t have the right tools to help them for success.
From the team at Clap Your Hands, we humbly thank you,
Sue Desautels
Clap Your Hands – executive director