We value your donations !

NEW ADDED A PAYPAL “DONATE” QR Code for Clap Your Hands!  You do not need a Paypal account to use it:


We also updated CLAP YOUR HANDS – GO FUND ME which goes straight to Clap Your Hands charity account

***  Always an option is to send check or money order to Clap Your Hands P.O. Box 51322 Summerville, SC 29485 ***

We don’t expect everyone who loves our cause to pull out their own wallet to support us. Yet,  there are many great ways to help, especially in your organization.

Ideas :

Amazon Smile – when you purchase change WWW.amazon to smile.amazon and type in Clap Your Hands

Employees pay $5.00 to wear jeans on a specific day – one organization did this and raised $420! (just think if a few or may did this?)

Bake sales?

Date night? Organization hosts a 3 hour childcare session for $20 and parents can catch a movie or go out to eat.  Therapy organizations could specialize for special needs children and really do dual service by helping these parents out and support Clap Your Hands!

Clap Your Hands is a 501 c3 pediatric non-profit. We provide therapeutic products for children with cognitive and physical disabilities. We work in the counties of Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester 2 of South Carolina. We are a 100% volunteer-based organization. We have no overhead and are debt free.

From the team at Clap Your Hands, we humbly thank you,

Sue Desautels

Clap Your Hands – executive director

CYH also accepts gift cards from Walmart, JOANN Fabrics, or others.