Providing therapeutic products for children with cognitive and physical disabilities


BACK TO SCHOOL – July and August was a wonderful time of meeting new teachers for the upcoming year. We were blessed to be able to donate a total of 1,032 therapeutic products to our local teachers in the exceptional/inclusive classrooms.

  • We are now accepting orders from our local therapists. Just a friendly reminder – we can only donate product to families who live in either Berkeley, Charleston or DD2 counties.
  • We work directly with your child’s therapist, counselor or pediatrician. The child must have a medical diagnosis.
  • We are a pediatric 501 c3 non-profit. We provide products for children between the ages of 0 to 18 years old.
  • When placing an order we ask that you use our email address at
  • The email must contain the therapists full name and place of employment. We will never ask for the child’s name, but we do need some basic information. The child’s gender, age, weight, height, general diagnosis and the county the child lives in. *Vests – shirt size.
  • Requests – 2 patients maximum. 2 products per child maximum.
  • All pick-ups are at my home, I live in Summerville. Either the therapist or office worker can pick up the order.
  • Before placing another order the therapist must first pick up the current order, so we can put your email into another inactive folder. We receive 100’s of orders every month, and this helps keep us organized.
  • Orders need to be picked up within 30 days.


*Please note: after a visit with my physician I have carpal tunnel in both hands and tendonitis in my left shoulder. Moving forward we will no longer be able to make weighted blankets OVER 10 POUNDS. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes our families. We will continue to offer FREE classes to learn how to make weighted blankets. We welcome any therapists/family members to join us for our next workshop this fall. Details will be posted on our Facebook page.

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I am Sue's husband and I am thrilled to support Clap Your Hands any way I can as Sue and her CYH TEAM are the best as they put so much energy and compassion in all they do for the children and their community.