On November 19, 2017 Clap Your Hands turned 3 years old as a pediatric 501 c 3 non-profit organization. I can hardly believe how quickly the time has flown by.

We began in 2013 with 3 volunteers. Using our own money we quickly realized that we needed another avenue for funding. Our Public Relations Officer, Rex Porter, encouraged us to move forward into the non-profit world. We had no idea what to expect, but ready or not, we did it anyway.

We have now partnered with about 200 local therapists, counselors, pediatricians, and teachers.

We are still a 100% volunteer-based organization.

Our products are still 100% free of charge to qualifying families and schools.

In 2017 we have continued hosting free quarterly workshops on how to make our weighted products, along with bi-weekly in home classes. We opened up free therapeutic product samples to our Lowcountry exceptional classrooms. Usually we take off during the summer months, but we received over 100 email requests from local teachers. In the months of July and August we donated 800 products.

We purchased a total of 5,500 pounds of plastic pellets in 2017.

Our team is now 30 volunteers strong. We have seamstresses from all around the Lowcountry. Without our volunteers, Grantees, and fundraisers we could not do what we do.

In 2017 we have donated over 2,700 products. This brings our 3 year total up to 5,962 donated products.

We look forward to continue serving in our community for 2018.

With much gratitude and appreciation,

Sue Desautels, Executive Director of Clap Your Hands