ATTENTION EXCEPTIONAL/INCLUSIVE TEACHERS in the counties of Berkeley, Charleston and DD2 of South Carolina.

Beginning-July 15th. Clap Your Hands will be offering FREE therapeutic samples of our products for your classroom. As you begin the process of planning your classroom CYH’s wants to donate a customized box of therapeutic products to help your students adjust to the new school year 2018/2019.

Last year CYH’s extended an open invitation for our amazing teachers to email us for a sample box. Last year we donated 800 products in the months of July and August. All of our products are free of charge to the schools.

So how do you apply?

Email us at:

Your full name, and what school/county you work in.

We will never ask for a student’s name, but we do need some basic information so that we are able to customize your order to fit the student’s needs.


Example: Grade level – 1 – 3 grade, Ages 6 – 8 years old. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Blind, Sensory Processing Disorder. 8 boys, 2 girls. 1 child has extreme meltdowns during any transition.

Who can apply? Special Education Teachers, School therapists, nurses, and counselors within the school districts.