Beginning the week of June 4th – The team of Clap Your Hands is taking a summer vacation break. Many will be spending time with their children, grandchildren and traveling. We will be finishing up with orders, working on grants and de-cluttering the inventory rooms.

We ask that all therapists, teachers, counselors, and pediatricians hold their email requests until we come back from our break in August.

Our entire team is made up of volunteers around the Low Country. Clap Your Hands would not be able to do what it does if it wasn’t for our amazing team of volunteer seamstress’.

Beginning on July 15th we will begin taking orders from the school districts of Berkeley, Charleston, and DD2. *We will post when we will begin taking orders from classroom exceptional teachers, school nurses, counselors, and therapists.

*Last Summer Clap Your Hands donated 800 therapeutic products in the months of July and August to our local schools.

In August we will begin taking orders again from our local therapists, pediatricians, and counselors in the Low Country.

We appreciate each and every one of our Low Country Partners.

*please feel free to share with your co-workers.